Here are the PTQG Events for 2022

March Guild Challenge

The Guild Challenge, “Birth Month and Flower” is underway and we hope you’re having fun thinking about and creating your quilt design.

Just a few rule reminders…..

• Quilts should not measure more than 40 inches on any given side
• Use colors of your birthstone
• Feature your birth month flower
• Include a 3×5 index card with the quilt title and brief description

Remember, no hints as to the maker. If you have a label, cover it up so your name remains a secret!

We are looking forward to the March reveal!

If you have any questions, we’re in the Roster.

Margaret Vodicka and Kris Cook,
Guild Challenge Co-Chairs

“Springtime in the Pines” Quilt Show, April 30-May 1

Planning has begun in earnest.  If you’re interested in helping with the show, please contact Mary, Sophia, Sue or Susie (info in roster). 

Online quilt entry will begin February 1.