One important purpose of the Pine Tree Quilt Guild is the promotion of education in the textile arts through participation in the guild, outreach programs, speakers and workshops. In addition, the Guild furthers its educational goals by the granting of one, or possibly two, scholarships each year to graduating high school students or current college students who are pursuing study in textile arts, design or other art-related fields. Applicants must be residents of Nevada County. Applicants may apply to their scholarship office at their respective high school or may apply directly to the Scholarship Chair of the Guild who will forward an application to the applicant. All completed applications must be received no later than March 15th.

The Scholarship committee determines the recipients for the year based on art interests, grade point average, need, goals and college preparedness. The awards are granted at each school’s Awards Night and the monies are issued upon receipt of verified registration at college for the Fall.

Who May Apply

Any student regardless of race or sex, who is a resident of Nevada County, who plans to further his/her education in the field of fiber art, textiles, design or related fields may apply. Past recipients may re-apply to continue his/her studies.

Where to Apply

High School Students: Apply to the scholarship office at your respective high school.

Non High School Students: Contact the Scholarship Committee Chair.

When to Apply

All applications must be received no later than March 15th. Find the Scholarship application under PTQG Forms.

Application Review

All applications will be reviewed by a scholarship committee appointed by the presiding Guild president. Review includes written application and interview.

Scholarship Award

The decision will be based on grade point average, needs, goals, and college preparedness. The scholarship will be awarded on the decision of the scholarship committee and presented by the Pine Tree Quilt Guild. The amount will be predetermined each year by the Board of Directors.

A check shall be issued by the Guild treasurer to the chosen recipient upon presentation of a letter of acceptance from his or her chosen school.