Below are the descriptions of activities for most of our regular monthly meetings

Patchwork Star

Quarter Yard Club

Mystery Gifts

Treasure Table

Show & Tell

Each month, the membership will meet a “Patchwork Star”.  A person is selected from the membership list, an interview is done, her story is printed in the newsletter and the Star is introduced at the general meeting.  The Star shows some of her work and receives a “Star” pin.

The Quarter Yard Club offers members an inexpensive and fun way to add to their stash. Groupings of 4 quarter yard cuts of related fabrics  ( a yard total each group) are available via raffle. The tickets are 5 for $1.00.

At most general meetings, the Mystery Gifts group will have tickets for sale for a chance to win a mystery gift.  The gift purchases are funded by ticket sales.  There are 5 chances to win per $1.00.

At most general meetings, there will be a “treasure table” where members may bring in unwanted items.  These items may be sold to other members at very low prices with all monies going to the Guild.  Any unsold items will be offered for sale at the Quilt Show Country Store.

Members are able to share the quilting projects they have been working on.

Ongoing & Yearly

Below are the descriptions of our ongoing and yearly activities

Mini Groups


Mystery Quilt

Guild Challenge

Annual Picnic

Mini groups are formed to give members a chance to have more small group interaction where they can work on quilting together.  They typically work on joint projects as a group, individual projects with a shared theme, learning/teaching new techniques and skills or just bouncing ideas off one another.  It’s a great way to meet people in the Guild and share.

When funds are available, this is a way of thanking members for their active participation in the Guild throughout the year.  This is typically held on a Saturday in October.  Attendees can choose one from approximately 5 classes to attend for the day.  Members might be asked to pay a non-refundable fee.

Members have the opportunity (for a small fee) to participate in a Mystery Quilt-along.  Clues are handed out monthly starting in the fall.  Typically quilts are finished in time for the next Quilt Show.

Each fall, a theme is picked for a Guild Challenge.  All guild members are encouraged to make a quilt with the challenge theme, for presentation at the March meeting.  Members attending the meeting vote in various categories for the winning quilts. A gallery of the entries for the current year can be viewed HERE.

The guild takes the opportunity for a more relaxed meeting in July.  We meet outside, typically at the LDS church in Nevada City.  We bring potluck dishes to share, have a very abbreviated meeting and enjoy some fun quilting games.  This is a great way to meet other guild members informally.

Education Outreach

This committee, formed many years ago by Margaret Boothby, offers help to classroom teachers with quilt-related projects. Volunteer members go into local classrooms to help children with sewing, and learning about quilts with a lending library of children’s quilt books, a play and a collection (“trunk show”) of quilts for children to look at and touch.
1. TRUNK SHOW:  A short presentation on the art and history of quilts and quilting. We have lots of quilts to see and touch (time and content geared to grade level)
2. TRAVELING QUILT BOOK LIBRARY:  Teachers may borrow our library box for up to two weeks. It contains books on quilts and quilting for children to read, plus lesson ideas for teachers (grades K-6)
3. HANDS ON HELP:  We will provide volunteers to help in your classroom with quilt related projects (art, math, Pioneer Days or?)
4. “ROAD TO CALIFORNIA”:  A 20 minute play about quilts and the westward movement (geared to grades 3-5). This may be scheduled along with a trunk show.
For more information and scheduling: the Guild is currently in need of a Chair for Education Outreach. Please contact the current President if you are interested in participating with this committee.