Our yearly Guild Challenge is a fun and easy way to get creative! Each year the Guild Challenge Chair(s) select a theme for the Challenge.

Members make and enter a quilt to the following specifications:

• Any technique(s) are allowed
• The size cannot exceed 40″ per side
• Must be completely finished with a sleeve and label. Instructions to make a sleeve can be found HERE
• Enter Challenge Quilt via SignUpGenius (see button below)
• Challenge Quilts will be shown at the March General Meeting
• Keep your quilt a secret

2024 Challenge "40"

2024 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Pine Tree Quilt Guild! Appropriately, the challenge theme is “40” and your quilt can incorporate anything that is associated with a 40th anniversary.
Follow the specifications listed above.
Be sure to enter your quilt via SignUpGenius. Click the button now to enter:

2023 Challenge "Paint Chip"

2022 Challenge "Your Birth Month Flower & Gemstone Color"

2021 Challenge (online only) "Finish It"

2020 Challenge "Sign of the Times"

2019 Challenge "Scrabble Letter"

2019 Challenge Winners by category:
Favorite Quilt: “Letter F’ by Holly Miner
Best Use of Theme: ‘Letter F’ by Holly Miner
Best Art: ‘Letter F’ by Margaret Vodicka
Best Appliqué: ‘Letter F” by Holly Miner
Best Traditional: ‘Letter J’ by Tamara Cook, ‘Letter G’ by Lillian Glaeser,  ‘Letter U’ by Sharon Kreiss
Most Humorous: ‘Letter P’ by Ruth Berttaccini
Special – Best combination of Letter and Miniature quilt: ‘Letter S’ by Sophia Day, ‘Letter F’ by Margaret Vodicka

2018 Challenge "WOMEN: The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful!"

2017 Challenge "Your Quilting Journey"

2016 Challenge "Forest Fantasy"

2015 Challenge "Time"

2014 Challenge “Color, Shape and Noun”

2013 Challenge “Your Initials”

2012 Challenge “Title of a Song”

2011 Challenge “Seasons”