Please take a moment to review all of the information on this page including the Entry Instructions to the right.
Or, open the PDF link below while you enter your quilt.

Quilt Show Entries will be accepted from
February 1st to April 5th, 2023

An entry may be accepted
if it has not been shown in the
previous two years at a quilt guild show in
Nevada County
or an adjacent county.

Quilts shown at a County Fair are permitted.

Deliver your Judged Quilts
Wed May 3rd from 9am-noon
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Hollow Way, Nevada City 

Deliver your Non-Judged quilts
Friday May 5th from 9am-noon.
NC Fairgrounds – Main Street Building


The theme of the 2023 show will be “Celebrating the Artist Within”.  We will also highlight quilts from our new members who have joined since the beginning of 2021.

Judged quilts have an entry fee of $12 each.
In addition, non-PTQG members pay a
one time entry fee of $15 per show.
Mail your form(s) and check(s) to:
PTQG c/o Quilt Show
P.O. Box 3133 – Grass Valley, CA 95945

Quilt Show Entry Instructions

When you click the link “Submit Your Entry”, you will be directed to the Login page. This is the starting point for entering your quilt.

* Registration:  Registration is required each year.  Click on the red registration box if this is your first time this year.  If not, enter the email address and password you created this year.

* Contact Information:  After successfully registering or logging in, you will be directed to the contact information page. Here you can update any information that needs to be changed.

* Quilt Entry/Edit:  Click New Entry to enter a new quilt or select a quilt already entered from the pull-down menu then click Edit Entry. Edit Entry is the process you’ll use to print your form.

* Quilt Entry Details:  On a new entry, be sure to complete all fields that apply as well as the PTQG Agreement at the bottom of the page. Special Designation Quilts are for your sets that you want to hang together or for themed quilts that Groups have made.  Be sure to enter a name for your set or Group quilt. For Group quilts, all names must match.

* Submit:   After completing a new entry, YOU MUST CLICK SUBMIT to save the data. This must be done before printing. If you’ve successfully saved your entry, you’ll get an email confirmation from If you don’t receive an email, check your spam folders.  More importantly, upon successful entry, you will be returned to the Contact Page and you’ll see your quilt listed in the drop down edit list.  If you don’t see your quilt listed, it didn’t save correctly.  Please contact Sophia if you have any questions.

* Judging/Non-Member Fees Submittal:  $12 for all Judged quilts.  $15 One-time Yearly Registration fee for Non-Members.  After Submitting the entry, you can ‘edit’ your entry to print the page as a record of your entry. For all Judged entries and entries from Non-Members, you must print a copy to mail with your fee to PTQG c/o Quilt Show.  P.O. Box 3133 – Grass Valley, CA 95949