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Future Events

Holiday Party
PTQG Holiday Pot Luck Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019, 6:00pm
Grass Valley Charter School

Please bring food based on your last name:
A - G Appetizers, H - L Salads, M - R Main Dishes,
S - Z Desserts

We will be taking non-perishable donations for the IFM Food Bank, with a prize drawing for those participants.

We will also be accepting your dollar donations to support the Hurricane Dorian victims.

To complete the festivities, there will be games, prizes and more. Please join us for a fun time.

Your Holiday Committee: Ginny Lee, Lynda Lasich, Lillian Glaeser, & Mary Mealiffe

Coming Up

January Events

There is no workshop in January. We will be having a lecture given by Yvonne Phenicie. (more information in your December newsletter.)

President's message President's Message • December 2019

Lorna StrakaHello Quilters!

I sure hope all of you have had as much fun as I've had this past year.

As you can tell I like to ham it up on stage. I love to make people laugh. Sorry I missed Lori Jacobi in November hamming it up in my absence. I heard she had you all laughing.

Well, the year has gone by with out any problems and it's a big thanks to Sophia Day, the past president and Barbara Ceresa, the future president, as well as all the members of the board and all of you members of the guild. I guess this is how the guild has survived for over 35 years. We all help one another.

I'm not going far away. Instead of being up on stage, I'll be in the back of the room with Judy Hamilton taking care of the Treasure Table.

Thank you all for your kindness & support. Big Hugs to you all. Signing off as your president,

..Lorna Straka, PTQG President
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Coming Up

January: We will have a lecture given by Yvonne Phenicie. Yvonne is a quilter who resides in Colusa CA. She specializes in a myriad of things such as paper piecing and bargello quilts. However in January she will be talking to us about Challenge Quilts. Come and be inspired to take on a challenge or participate in a Round Robin event with other quilter’s. Many of us shy away from these events thinking we just don’t know what to make or our work won’t be ‘good enough’. Yvonne is going to give us some ideas on how we might interpret the challenge theme for 2020 - and just in time too! No workshop will be held in January.

36th Annual "SPRINGTIME IN THE PINES" Quilt Show
2020 To Be Announced