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Future Events


September 1 - Affiliate Night at the Pine Tree Quilt Guild 6:30pm • Grass Valley Charter School 225 South Auburn Street, Grass Valley

September 2 - Quilt Show Meeting 2:00pm-4:00 PM at the Seventh Day Adventist Church

Other News

Dues Increase on the Table: The not-so-good news: Despite our recent cutbacks on speakers, jamboree and scholarships, our costs for running the Guild and providing services still exceed our current level of income.

Better news: We can get back on track and stay within our bylaw mandated finances if we increase our dues by only $5 per year (about 10 cents per week).

This proposal—increasing our dues to $30 per year-- is based on a financial review of the recent trends of our income (no change) and expenses (increasing). Further and as a point of comparison, 8 of the 10 guilds in our geographic area have dues higher than ours. By raising our dues to $30 per year, we would still be below the average.

A majority of the Board has voted to approve presenting this proposal to the membership. We will present more information and have the opportunity for further discussion at our September meeting. We will vote on it at our October meeting.

Quilt Show Timeline

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"SPRINGTIME IN THE PINES"Pine Tree Quilt Guild 2013 Quilt Show

April 30 and May 1, 2016
Saturday 10-5 • Sunday 10-4

pdfPTQG 2015 Quilt Show Winners Album - click here.

President's message President's Message • September 2015

Kate Grant, PTQG PresidentGreetings Guild Members!

On Saturday afternoon, July 25th, I participated in our Quiltapalooza, a new event organized by our guild Wonder Woman, Marjorie McConnell. I was just settling in with the other ladies to work on my first quilt of the afternoon when I noticed some serious smoke in the sky outside the Sugar Pine classroom. Concern set in, so I checked Yubanet on my I-Phone to see where the smoke might be coming from. In the section for "smaller local fires happening now", You Bet Road was listed as a location. Well, since that was not far from my house, panic replaced concern. My mind began to race. Which way was the wind blowing? How big was the fire? Darn, I was not prepared to evacuate—how and where would I begin?

The room was now buzzing with talk about a fire somewhere nearby. Someone (WW) said to me, "Kate, that could be your (fire victim) quilt." Suddenly the quilt I was working on took on new meaning. The quilt was instantly more valuable—prettier, softer, more comforting—and I could feel how it might be treasured by a person who had lost their belongings.

These thoughts and feelings put me over the top, so I packed up my things (including "my" unfinished quilt) and drove straight home to find my husband, see if the house was okay, and assess the actual fire threat.

Good friends are like quilts -they age with you and never lost their warmthWe all know the good news. Even though the Lowell fire has scorched 2300 acres (as of this writing), no homes or lives were lost. But it could happen anywhere at any time. As a result of this experience I learned lots of things, but the two most important were: 1. I need to be prepared to evacuate and have started the process (see; and 2. Our Community Service provides a heartfelt valuable service to the residents of our area.

A big Thank You to Marjorie as our Community Service leader and to the members of the Guild who work on these quilts to make this goal of the Guild a reality.

...From Kate Grant, PTQG President
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September Program: Meet Your Affiliates! Sept 1st, 6:30pm

Our September meeting is titled Affiliate Night. What is an affiliate you ask? It is someone local who has a quilt related business and supports the Guild. Learn about your affiliates and meet some of them for the first time! See what new things they have available for sale. There will be time to visit and buy. Jeanie Ferguson will showcase Judy Hamilton, our Patchwork Star, for September. There will be no Show and Tell this month. Save your wonderful creations from the summer for next month!

32nd Annual "SPRINGTIME IN THE PINES" Quilt Show
April 30 & May 1, 2016
pdfPTQG 2015 Quilt Show Winners